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My dental experience was great it took me 20 years to go to a dentist. I am a coward but the staff and doctor made me feel at ease with the work I had done so far was great. I still have the fear but I am starting to feel relaxed when I came to the office. Everyone is so nice and I am planning to come in the future for all my dental work. - Judith

As a person who fears dental visits, I can attest that Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff make you feel welcome and comfortable with every aspect of dental work. They truly care about you and providing the best service and care. - Marcia

My experiences here with Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff have been wonderful. From cleanings to my first fillings, the staff and Dr. Eisenbrcok have been great, caring and always very knowledgable. I was very scared when I found out I had cavities and everybody made me feel comfortable and less fearful. Wonderful staff! - Tania

Bensalem Family Dentistry is very nice and helpful. I never had to wait for an appointment and I am very pleased with his work so far. I did not know Dr. Eisenbrock before I came here, but I'm glad I came! - Mary

Today I had a cleaning after not having my teeth cleaned for serveral years, it was a quick and painless process, Kelley the hygienist was very gentle and very sensitive to my needs. - Holly

Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff restored years of old fillings and gum problems. Their skill and professionalism has restored my smile so well that is would even fool the tooth fairy herself. - Jason

I am very impressed with Doctor and his staff. They all are very professional and friendly. The visit was very easy and vertuly pain free. - Thomas

I came to Bensalem Family Dentistry as an emergency patient and they took me immediately. The whole staff made me feel truly comfortable and they are extremely accomadating. I'm thankful I choose Dr. Eisenbrock. -Tricia

I have had several things done at the office. I was scared and nervous about scalings, but the doctor and staff put me at ease. It wasn't as bas as I thought it would be. It really improved my teeth.

I've also had a few crowns. The process was easy and pleasant. The people at this office are the nicest I have met at any doctor's office. Everyone is friendly and they make things so smoothly. I would recommend Dr. Eisenbrock to anyone. This is the best dental office I've ever been to.

Thanks to your whole staff!! - Stefanie

I have great regard for Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff. Not only are they competent, dedicated professionals, but they always teat you like you're a member of the family. My last 10 years in coming here have been rewarding because my teeth look great but it's like coming to see old friends. - Helen

I have had several root canals and have never experienced any significant discomfort or any real pain. Doc has always been extremely careful and professional and so I have no fear for when the next one in necessary! - Tony

I would highly recommend Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff if you are looking for a Dentist office that is pleasant and always laughing and joking. The Dr.'s knowledge and thorough work is very fast and timely. His concern about his patient's well being was always first before any procedure; and you will always know what a procedure cost before any work is done.

I had some old work repaired, crown, root canal fixed, and some old fillings repaired. I never felt threatened or pushed into any procedure and they were done to the Doc's very strict and high standards. You will feel very comfortable with his excellent staff. - Tom

Dr. Eisenbrock is the best Dentist ever! This is the first time in my lifetime that I actually look forward to going to the dentist! It is indeed pain-free here! He and his staff are exceptional and wonderful such a pleasure! I would give them my highest recommendation! - Rosemary

I HATED going to the dentist. Now I don't mind it so much. The office staff is very friendly and Dr. Eisenbrock does great work! I have not been in any pain in the chair. - Robert

I was very scared when I first walked in, I do not have good experience with dentist offices. The staff was very understanding of my fear, and very sympathetic. The gas helped to calm me down alot, and helped the procedure to go by much quicker. The hygienist talked me through everything and gave me her recommendations. - Jessica

Before coming to Bensalem Family Dentistry I was very self-conscious about my smile. I wouldn't show my teeth whenever I could. Now I smile because I feel great about my smile. This office made me very confident, my teeth are healthy, white and look great! - Ashaley

I am a patient that is unable to use noacaine or lidacaine. Dr. Eisenbrock does a wonderful job working on me. He makes sure that I am comfortable the whole time. He is so good, I dont need an anesthetic. - Rebecca

This was my first time for the "cavitron" as much or less pain than a deep scaling, I appreciated the detailed explanation on flossing, which I have never really had before (I am 52) Stacy was very good about explaining each part of the visit. - John H.

I came here as a very nervous patient. Now that I have been here numerous times in the past few months, I feel comfortable with everyone at the office. I am not afraid to get any of the work done, and listen to what they have to tell me. - Chrissy

For quite some time, just about any word or phrase that could be linked to or identified with the world of dentistry, whether uttered by friends, family or strangers, would send chills up my spine and cause me to turn away in an effort to avoid the conversation. The tought of visiting a dentist was, without a question, anathema to me.

If you concluded that I was suffering from a dental phobia ("was" being the operative word here), you are correct; it was a cross I had to bear for in excess of 12 years. And during that time, my teeth deteriorated to the point of being chipped, broken, missing, or decayed. Any open-mouthed smile was out of the question and avoided at all cost by turning my head or covering my mouth. And this avoidance contributed to my mental state (negativelt I might add). I was always considered to have a good sense of humor and a ready smile or laugh. The sense of humor did not diminish, but the smiles and laughs did.

What turned me around? why is it that I can now write about what was once unspeakable? The answer is that I learned that I needed open-heart surgery to replace an aortic valve. Dental work, and ridding my mouth from any signs of infection was a critical requirement before the surgery could be performed. Enter Dr. Michael Eisenbrock and Bensalem Family Dentistry.

After about a month of research involving visits to numerous websites ( and a little procrastination), and a little convincing on the part of Marcy, I settled on Dr. Eisenbrock. It is a decision I have not regretted. With the exception of a wee pinch here and there, my many visits have been pain free. The office environment is unlike any dentist I have ever visited. The entire staff is not only extremely competent, but also thoughtful and compassionate. The atmosphere is "light", non-threatening and actually cheerful, with frequent animated conversations among and between staff and patients. They all, collectively, contribute to it being a stress-free environment.

Don't get me wrong. Going to the dentist is not likely to make my list of fin things to do. I write this still with a lingering (although mild) uneasiness, but the abject fear and aversion are no longer there. And I have Dr. Eisenbrock and the terrific people that work with him to thank for that. - Herb

I just wanted to inform you on how wonderful this office is. Last week, I called and left a message because I was in terrible pain. Even though the office was closed, I received a call back, almost immediately, so that I could schedule an appointment right away. The staff is always pleasant and wonderful, and even called to check on me the next day. When I say I was still experiencing discomfort they scheduled me to come back the next day also. It turns out I had two seperate issues going on with two different teeth and thanks to Dr. Eisenbrock and his staff, I am now pain free. Jen is also a life-saver with the finances because I currently don't have insurance. I am thankful to have found an office so efficient and caring. - Sandy

My experience here was wonderful. The employees are so "up-beat" and "welcoming". The doctor did a wonderful job on bonding my 2 front teeth. They look beautiful. I can finally smile =) Thank you Bensalem Dentistry! - Beatrice

Randi, Although new to your practice, She was fabulous, Professional, and explained the entire procedure as we went about my deep cleaning. Thanks to Randi and your entire tremendous staff. - Marc

I wanted to take the time to formally thank you and your staff for the great job you all do at Bensalem Family Dentistry. Your staff always greets me with a smile and never fails to act with the utmost professionalism. - Frank

Recently I had an implant completed by Dr. Eisenbrock which at this stage is 100% successful. The procedure itself went by smoothly and I had no pain during or after the process to speak of. The Dr performed the procedure with the utmost care and precision and I am very happy with the outcome! Thanks! - Steve

Dr. Eisenbrock and staff, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and caring dental care I have received at your practice. You took someone who had great fear of dental pain and made me see that there is no need for the fear or, especially, the pain. - Karen

It is always nice to visit a dentist who is very good at what he does and is a pleasure to talk to. The entire staff is very friendly knowledgable and fun. - Ron

Today Michael Eisenbrock, D.D.s. really improved my smile. Two of my front teeth were chipped, I had two previous cavities that had falled out, as a result they were easy to chip. Dr. Eisenbrock refilled them and smoothed them out to look natural again. It was painless on top of it all. Everyone that works in his office makes you feel so comfortable and it's nice how they went over all the options that were available to me (veneers). I still have a lot of dental work to be done and I feel safe and comfortable to have it completed by Michael Eisenbrock DDS and his staff.
Nice to have my smile back :) - Cindy (See Testimonial here)

Neshaminy Valley Dentistry combines great technique with great empathy . My wife and I have trusted them for years. We will happily continue to come back! - Bob G.

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